One of My Biggest Weaknesses

Even though I haven’t had much time to play lately, or really since college, I am a gamer at heart. I have a strong affinity for RPGs but will play almost anything. Well, except shooters, since I am not that good at them. Like at all. Mass Effect is the main shooter I play and I’m not even that good at it (even though it is one of my favorite games series.) Oh I am getting side tracked here.

One of my biggest weakness when it comes to games are collector editions, or games with physical tangible bonuses. Sometimes I even buy a game I never heard about just because it comes in a fancy box. A lot of the time it comes with a nice art book and maybe a soundtrack. Some games I have, and ended up loving, were bought just because I saw the collector’s edition.

I never realized it at first, not until I actually had all my games, in their boxes, on the shelf. All the boxes are oblong  and different sizes and it bothers me to see them this way. This is why I originally moved the game from their boxes in the first place.

However, there are times when I discover a game, a game I enjoy a lot and/or fall in love with, that I wish I got upon release just so I can get the special items. Though that tends to make them go up in price by then. I am broke and really can’t be shelling out that much cash. At least I have decent self control.

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