Podcast – Working Idea

I always loved listening to podcast. The subjects are so wide and varied. There are fun ones, educational ones, and even ones that are just songs played back to back. I always wanted to make one since I was in 10th grade. For a little background, I went to a business magnet school that was heavy with tech and online businesses. The school even lent us our very own laptops (even though the were heavily blocked with internet access). One year long project was making a podcast, and we had to have at least one episode every grading period. The purpose was to teach us how some online business work, what kind of business are on the horizon, etc.

Ever since then, making one has always been on the back of my mind. I just never knew what topic or even genre my show would focus on. Everything I am even remotely interested in, has people who make podcast in that area. Plus, those people are way more knowledgeable than I could ever hope to be. Plus, I hate the sound of my own voice and I doubt anyone want to listen to my voice. I do work behind the scenes at the Unofficial One Piece Podcast. The few times I have had a chance to be part of an episode, I was working on those recording days.

So today I was struck with inspiration. Why not read fan fiction (even the terrible ones)? So I am going to start working on a podcast where I just read people’s fan fiction. Its entertaining, at least to me, and I don’t know if anyone is in this area (probably are since I voiced my thought on the internet), so it will be a little more unique. I still hate the sound of my voice but wish me lucky. Unlike this site, I might have more follow through.


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