Trying New Things…Not Always Great

This story/memory is from around May 22nd, 2018. I don’t remember the exact day. I only remember it was kind of recent.

So as I was waiting for the subway I say the advertisement you see in the photo. Its a Kpop group, WannaOne, advertising fried chicken.

I never listened to them. I know my students are obsessed and I always mean to check them out. However, I never get around to it because I get distracted pretty easily. Though the chicken looks kind of tasty. Plus, groups here don’t really advertise for something they don’t like. They wouldn’t steer me wrong, right?

I always say I am open minded and willing to try new things, within reason. There was a certain appeal to this in both the guys and the chicken as well. So when I got home I opened my food delivery app (a mistake downloading for a different reason) and saw it was a featured item.

Go.zy! I clicked and ordered. App said it’ll take 15 minutes to deliver, but in reality took over an hour. It smelt delicious and looked better than the advertisement. I actually regret not taking pictures.

With my mouth watering, I pick up a leg and take my first bite. Nope. The cheeto taste was too overpowering. I couldn’t taste the chicken at all. Like at all. Plus, it had a bit of a spicy kick to it (not surprised cause Koreans loves spicy food) and I nearly gagged. ”

It was just the first bite and maybe just that piece,” I thought to myself. I powered through the first leg and picked up a second. With a slightly more cautious bite, I experience the same thing. Actually, I think the second time was worse. I dropped ₩20,000 on food I can’t eat or enjoy. I was a sad panda. It ruined my appetite for the rest of the day too.

To make matters worse, it left my hand a weird orange-yellow color. You know how you get Cheeto fingers? It was that, but at a level no amount of wet naps or washing could get rid of.

The Cheeto chicken is in no way delicous, at least in my opinion, and I am glad its just a temporary thing. I wouldn’t wish that on most of my enemies and don’t understand how people can enjoy it (aside from different pallets). Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am not mature enough to enjoy the taste. However, I now knpw why they need a handsome boy group to advertise. People will buy anything idols tell them to.

This chicken is now added to my list of regrets, right up there with that V8. I know my rant was messy and didn’t make a lot of sense, but memories can be unreliable.


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