She-Ra – A Small Anecdote

With the talk about the She Ra reboot for Netflix circling around the internet, got me thinking to an episode of She Ra I saw with one of my sister.

Now, I’m not a fan of cartoons from the era before I was born, e.g. She Ra, He-Man, etc. (aside from Gem but there a different story there with the same sister from this story) but I have seen a few episodes.

Growing up we rarely had cable or satellite TV, forced to watch whatever was on the basic channels (although there were tons of good shows on up until midnight). Then they started pushing HD TV making everyone buy a converter box because companies were switching away from analog TV. This meant clearer pictures, and more importantly, more channels.

One of the new channels we got was called iON 2. I think. I don’t remember the actual name of it. Regardless, this channel showed old cartoons and TV shows from before the early 90s. At least that what it seemed like to me.

That back story isn’t too important but it is what led to me watching the show.

So there is a He-Man and She-Ra marathon on. They were advertising some sort of cross over episode. Even though it was an 80s cartoon, they were making it such a big deal. Maybe there was a theme, who knows.

Anyways, during the marathon I am playing Pokemon and not really paying too much attention to the TV. My sister and I use it as background noise. We took a short break to put our Nintendo DSs on the charger and loom to the TV. She-Ra is at a concert. Weird. I didn’t think that time period had musical performances.

The monster of the day (as was standard in most kid cartoons) started attacking. The civilian identity of She-Ra looks arounds and says “This looks like a job for She-Ra!” The as per 80s cartoon’s animation, onlh her head looks around. She makes eye contact with this guy and walks a few steps away. The she transforms. The guy she made eye contact with is still in the shot!!!

She comes back as She-Ra to fight the monster and save the people. She draws hee weapon and the guy she made eye contact with foes up to her and says “She-Ra! Where did you come from?”

At the same time, my sister and I literally said “Dude! You just the bitch transform!” Then we burstex out laughing and finished the episode.

So that is it. That’s all the emotional attachment, investment, and actual knowledge I have of She-Ra. Don’t know if the reboot will be good or not, but I will give it a watch. After all, without a good VPN the Netflix selection in South Korea is really lacking and origionals are all we really get. Aside from Voltron for some strange reason.


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