Today, in an effort to ditch the heat (I mean I didn’t leave Texas to feel its weather in Korea), my friends and I decided to go ice skating.

Now I never been ice skating before. As I have mentioned somewhere before, I am from South Texas, so cold and ice aren’t really a thing in nature in my area. Plus, there are not many skating rinks around, at least that has been advertised. I am sure if I did some fancy CSI style googling I could find one in my city. Regardless, the only kind of skating I have done has be in-line.

So we hoped on the subway and went to Lotte World. Lotte World is an indoor amusement park. They have an ice rink in the basement that is completely separate from the amusement part itself. Now it was the only ice rink we could find in Seoul on such short notice, but it was cheap and affordable. Only 16,000 won (roughly 15 USD) for the ticket and skate rental.

After renting skates, with the trouble of finding my size for my big American feet, and buying gloves, since we were not allowed to skate without them, we hit the ice.

It took me a few minutes to keep my balance, but I think my years of in-line skating, don’t judge, helped me in that regard. The actual skating part was challenging. It took me a while to be able to skate on my own, without holding the rails. I almost fell a few time. More than a few, really. My friend even got it on camera.


Falling and catching myself. I am glad my friend caught the graceful part of me catching myself.

Over all, it was a good time, but my feet hurt and it is something that I want to try again. After all, experiences of all kinds.

Sorry for the short update.


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