Big T in Japan 2: Electric Boogaloo – Day 1 Themed Shopping

Note: Currently on vacation will edit and format once it’s finished. Just posting for now.

So I got a week vacation from my school and decided, a bit strong-armed too, to go to Japan. Now, I wanted to go to Tokyo. I never been and it’s a place most nerds like me should go when on this side of the world. However, my friend wanted me to meet up with her in Osaka cause it is more convenient for her. I would have raised a fuss, but she came to visit me for winter vacation back in February.

So here I am back in Osaka. Not without any complications mind you. I was first in Osaka back in February of 2015. No problems then. This time around, I got hit with a delayed plane (yay typhoon season), a hard to find hotel, and got on the wrong train due to color blindness and ended up in a different city, drastically far away from my destination. None of that is important right now. What is important is that I didn’t habe much time to go out and explore or have fun. I am only in Japan for five days this time around so one is ready wasted. So I quickly hit up a few stops before the stores closed for the day.

My first brief stop was to the Pokemon Center located around Osaka Station. Quite different than the last time I was here, that’s for sure.

It still has various merchandise, all Pokemon related, for sell. My pictures only show a small, small fraction of it. They also had an area where people can play the card game and another area where people can play Pokemon Tekken (fix name here) outside of an arcade. This time was a bummer since they were not giving away any special Pokemon or items for the games. It was hard not spend money. There was a lot of stuff I wanted. Maybe if I have money left over at the end of the vacation.

As I was leaving the Pokemom Center and heading down the escalator, I saw a special collab betwen the store Tokyu Hands, which I have never even heard of, and Boku no/My Hero Academia. They had various character stands posted and also selling various merchandise. Again, tempting to spend money, but I was able to resist. I didn’t look around the store too much to see what was being sold, but I did see some mugs that had the characters painted on in a really cool way. Maybe I’ll go back and pick one up.

Now what was the most surprising was this jem.

The Jump Store. I have heard mamy a tales about this store but never actually seen one in Japan. Like ever. Well….maybe one around Universal Studios.

Bascially, like everything else I posted, this store sells various merchandise for various Jump/Shonen Jump titles, including but not Limited to, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc. I will definately go bacl and spend money. Everyone knows One Piece is my weakness. Maybe I’ll break out thd ol’ credit card. No. Be responsible Thomas.

Not bad for a first day that was short on time. I do hope I can visit these places again and update this post with more info.


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