Big T in Japan 2: Electric Boogaloo Day 2 – Part 1, ¡DIO Mio!


While waiting to meet up with my friend, I saw this advertisement above an arcade. All I saw was Dio from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The advertisement was kind of sexy. I am not going to lie about that. I noticed that advertisement said it was on the 3rd floor. So when my friend came, we went into the arcade to find this. Both of us were not sure what the advertisement said. Kanji is not my strong suit. Kanji isn’t anyone’s strong suit.

Up on the third floor we found the counter. We staked it out for a few minutes, hoping to see people to get an idea of what to do. The two of us were too scared to go up and talk to the woman behind the counter, at least at first. I am not confident in my Japanese speaking ability, and my friend didn’t want to do all the speaking on the trip. I do not blame her.

After psyching myself up, I learned that this small pop-up event was a bland maze. When it was our turn to go through, we were told to pick an ending: Dio or Jotaro. It was a tough choice. I wanted to pick Jotaro because he is the hero, but I also wanted to pick Dio since the event was named after him. So like any logical person I flipped a coin. The host lady was surprised at the course of action. We ended up going the Jotaro route.

When we entered, the first room was a TV. It played a three minute video explaining the plot of the maze. Basically, we had to go through the maze and find something. The next area was a blind maze. It was pitch black and we had to navigate our way through. There were nooks and crannies that had various voice recording that auto played. The quality wasn’t good and noise was quite loud, so it was hard to understand. We also found a severed hand (plastic) with blood (paint) writing on the wall that said “turn back” or “don’t look back.” Like I said, Kanji isn’t my strong suit. We got to the end and there was a projection of Dio on the screen. It was him in the bed, like in the advertisement and the cut out outside the maze. As Dio spoke it slowly zoomed in and moved to his face. Dio was offering my friend and I immortality if we helped him out. Since we picked the Jotaro route, an image of Jotaro popped out and defeated Dio and saved us. The sheer audacity of the ending made my friend and I burst out laughing so we didn’t hear everything. After we finished the maze, and all parts, we received a post card with Jotaro on it (picture to come later). Overall, it was mildly enjoyable, but not worth the ticket price. However, I love cheesy experiences like this.

Outside the maze, as we were waiting, there was these cut outs of Dio and Jotaro. They looked pretty cool. I love how sexy the look. There was also a couch with a Dio blanket covering it. The blanket was for sale along with a few other merchandise at the end of the maze. Although the quality of the blanket was rather poor, and not worth the 10,000 Yen ticket price. I did want it because of how it looked but was not going to drop that much money on it. Although, I did consider it at different points of the trip. Don’t judge me.



Sexy Dio Blanket in waiting area, not worth it.


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