Seoul Comic-Con


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Roughly two to three weeks ago I found out about a comic con happening here in Korea. Hearing about a con made me nostalgic for my con going days back in the States. I never really thought that Korea would have some, but boy I was proven wrong.

Seoul’s Comic Con is being held from August 3rd to the 5th. I found out about it roughly a couple weeks before my vacation started. So I couldn’t plan to go. Luckily my plane landed early today so I was able to catch parts of it. On a side note, I will post my other two vacation post later this week.

One thing that struck me as weird is that there was an end time. Usually, at least back home, cons end pretty late on Friday and Saturday night, and early Sunday. This happens because those are the busiest days for conventions. Seoul Comic Con ends at 6 P.M. all three days. Its treated as just a special event. Just quite a surprise.

The convention was pretty big, but also small. I don’t know if you know anything about conventions. It was big in a sense that the space was big. It was at the COEX mall and took up almost the whole floor itself. It was big in the sense that it was crowded and there was a lot of people attending. It was small in the sense that there were not many events and vendors available. The vendors took up most of the space. The panels and events had a small section on the floor separate from the rest. You either had to have a VIP pass or wait in line a long time just for the chance to be part of one. Eh, it happens.




An awesome Diva statue that was only 669,000 won. I wish I could have bought it.

I didn’t get a chance to do much, but over all it was still fun. I participated in a stamp rally for a battle bingo like game called Marvel Battle Lines. You tried the game and collected 3 character cards and stamps to win prizes. The character cards come with codes that can be redeemed in the game. The prize I won was a notebook. I love notebooks. I buy a lot of them since they look so cool, but hardly use them. I also won a phone thingy that sticks on the back of my phone so I can have a better grip. What are those things even called?


Everything else was getting promo stuff for a LINE Webtoons game, a fan from the Miraculous Ladybug booth, and just minor things. Not much was worth remembering otherwise I would have mentioned it.

The best part was the Cosplayers. There weren’t many, and even fewer wanted to take pictures. There was a lot of Overwatch cosplayer (YAY!) and various Marvel superheros. Don’t forget all the anime characters that look cool but I have no idea who they were. I even went as Law from One Piece, however I didn’t do the tattoos or make-up because, fuck that, it was super hot. All the pictures can be seen below. Enjoy!


When people ask me who I main in Overwatch.



With Solider 76 and Mercy




With Tracer. Cool cosplay. Terrible character to play against.



A female Kamen Rider. Series: Kamen Rider OOOs – TaToBa combo [Taka Tora Batta]

Overall, it was a good experience. If I knew about it way in advanced I probably would have been better prepped and even tried to hit a panel or two. Now I know for next year.


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