What Grinds My Gears – Mini Rant

You know what makes me irrationally angry?

English FAN covers of J-pop and K-pop songs. More specifically, English FAN covers of anime openings. Aside from being covered by a lot of people who cannot sing, and I know I can’t sing too, they usually fall into the same categories. What categories are these you ask, well, let me tell you.

Category 1: Direct Translation

A lot of people who do English covers of songs, sing a direct translation of the song. A lot of the time this interrupts the flow of the song. They don’t match sentences based on the syllables so there is quite a lot of empty space in the song. If they do, they stress out the English word and make it sound weird and make you question what they were going for.

Category 2: Random Japanese Words

Okay, this one makes me angry and it really shouldn’t. The way American English is set up, it allows the use of foreign words and the understand based on context. It is kind of the Swiss army knife of languages. Anyways, when they do translate, they keep some Japanese words in them. Sometimes it makes sense, since English doesn’t have a word or phrase to translate it to that can convey the same meaning. This I get. This I understand. This I can respect. However, based on my experience at least, they usually keep the weeb words like kawaii or sakura which do have translations and can be contoured to fix the song.

Category 3: Loss Meaning

Sometimes the songs get translated and fits the music pretty well. Sometimes the song gets over translated and the meaning or the point of the song gets muddled, loss, or even changed. Normally when anime have an opening song, they pick a song that relates to the anime in some regard, and then animate an opening around it. Sometimes the people who translate do their best to make everything else fit, they forget the point of the song.

Now I could provide examples, but I am trying to ruffle as little feathers as possible. There are also good FAN covers out there too.

I am just a hater and wanted to get this off my chest.


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