One Truth Prevails – Detective Conan

After literal weeks of search for information, I finally found where the Detective Conan exhibit was being held. It took some serious searching in multiple languages but I found it. I FOUND IT! Luckily I was able to come, since today was the last day it was being held.


Cut outs of the characters and a movie trailer playing on the TV. Why is Shinichi/Jimmy lifting up his shirt?


So the exhibit was a murder mystery style one. You go to different rooms and solve clues in hopes of finding out who the murder was. The theme was Truth VS Justice, Conan vs. someone who’s name I don’t exactly know. I never got that far into the series.

The Detective Office

Various photo cubes to take photos in

Everything seemed great, but the story was in Korean only. So were all the clues. The lady who sold us our tickets felt bad and stamped us, allowing us to claim the blind prize at the end. Which was nice and kind of sad. After all, I missed out on a huge feature.

There were also many places for photo opportunities and several “sets” set up based on several locations in the show. Thet even had cardboard cut outs for one to pose with if one was inclined.



Getting choked by Conan. Spooked may kids who were watching this photo being taken.

Overall, it was fun. However, without the ability to participate in the story a lot of it was lost. Maybe it is a sign I should work on my Korean skills.


…or One Truth Prevails which is the American tagline.

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