2018 Bangbae Festival

Yesterday, on my way to Mamma Mia with my friend, we stumbled upon a mini-festival at a nearby park. It was the first part of a week long festival celebrating becoming a city or county. My Korean ability is worse than my Japanese skills.

Like any festival, it has food booths set up and mini performances set up on the auxiliary stage. From what we saw when we were there:

Stage Ballon Art. A guy made ballon animals and gave them to audience members set to various music that related to the ballons he was making.

A photo op with several costume characters. Top bad it was for kids only.

A nice drumming performance by some local high school.

A guy dancing to a popular song, who’s name I forget. Will update that later.

And a mixed martial arts dancing performance.

The main draw of the days was the B-boys. Either they were the last group we saw or we missed them. I am not too sure.

I missed these kinds of festivals. Its been a long time since I’ve been to one. The last I remember was the Andong Mask Festival which I went to my last time in Korea, in 2014. Wow! Time sure flies by. Maybe I’ll start paying attention to my local happenstances.


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