The Letter *updated*

So I was on the subway and randomly I started thinking about high school French class. My French 2 teacher, Mr. Solis, taught both French and Spanish. He would constantly compare the French words we were suppose to learn to their Spanish counterparts. However, I’m a terrible Hispanic and never learned Spanish (cause my father didn’t want us to).

Before class he would always play the same some (and sometimes music video) to get us in the French mood. It was called La Lettra, or The Letter, in English.

Now it was a catchy song with kind of depressing lyrics if memory holds. It was about a guy regretting or not regretting sending a letter to the girl he loves. If i see the music video I would remember it. Although, I cannot find it.

Apparently The Letter is really common for a French song. Go figure. I just remember there were two people in the music video and some of the scenes had cartoon versions of the people (think Lizzie McGuire but in black and white). Also it was a pop song. I must have spent hours on YouTube searching for this song.

It randomly popped into my head and now I can’t rest until I find it apparently. I have weird obsessive moments.

Update: I found it! Not as good or catchy as I remember but the nostalgia hit hard. I included the video below:


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