Lotteria X One Piece Collab

The other day I was out for a walk when a strange poster caught my eye. It was a One Piece poster, well advertisement. Everyone knows I love One Piece. It is like the longest thing I have been interested in (since the first issue of Shonen Jump back in November of 2002). I even have a couple of tattoos of the series too, but that is neither here no there. Regardless, the poster was on a Lotteria.

Poster on door of Lotteria

“What is Lotteria?” one may ask. Well, if you’re like me, your first thought should be Mexican Bingo. HA HA


This is Loteria.

Unless you’re from South Korea, then you know it is a fast food burger restaurant.

Now in my humble, and completely bias opinion, it isn’t that great. I call it the poor man McDonald’s (despite being more expensive). Most of the food doesn’t have taste, which I consider weird because Korea likes to add sugar to everything. I am sure there are good ones out there, since it is a franchise, but unlike America, Korean chains are much more consistent. For better or worse. However, Lotteria makes a mean mozzarella stick.

Front of LED box set

Back of LED Set box discussing contents

So the poster was advertising a special LED Acrylic Stand for one of five characters, Jinbe, Luffy, Shanks, Ace, and Law. Each one was about 6,000 won (roughly 6 USD), and 30,000 won (30 USD) for the set. Knowing me, I bought the set. My weakness is collector editions and collector sets as I have mentioned here.

So the set comes with a special stand for all five characters and a background from the Paramount War arc of the series. From the box picture it looks pretty cool. I was thinking of setting it up, but I rather keep everything packed and together so it’ll be easier to ship back home. So instead, enjoy my bad pictures.






I still can’t believe I went to a restaurant just for some One Piece merchandise. Do I have some problems? Yes. Should I work on it? Also yes. Will I? Probably not until it harms me or someone else. Watching all those Intervention (US T.V. Show) episodes during our school’s “Health” class taught me how far I can push this. I only jest.


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