Pill Cocktail

Being sick in Korea isn’t fun. Being sick in general is not fun. One thing I missed is being able to get over the counter medicine. Most medicine here must be bought from the pharmacist at the pharmacy. Even the over the counter stuff like aspirin, at least in my experience.

So after getting the prescription from the doctor and taking it to the pharmacy, you receive something that we foreigners affectionately call the pill cocktail. It is a bunch of pills separated into bags. Each bag is what your dose has to be. So if your doctor says take two times a day, then you take two packs a day.

So in each bag, you will have a handful of pills. Like literally a handful. Some is the medicine, while the rest is supplements. The doctor is like “one of these should work.” Now, I know mine may seem like like a lot, but there are other out there with both more and less pills.

Just had to share my experience. I wonder if I could have found a better way to explain this.


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