Chun-Li Thighs


This has been said by me many time, but I have gained weight. So I am a little bigger than I want to be (although I am slowly working on it). Due to genetics a lot of the weight has gone to my thighs.

I call my big thighs, Chun-Li thighs (like many nerds do) because she is an iconically known for her thighs (besides her martial prowess).  Guy or girl, gay or straight, almost everyone would love to have their head (or other parts) squeezed between those legs. Now they are not as muscular, toned, or impressive, but still pretty big.


I mean damn, look at some concept artwork of those legs.

With my Chun-Li thighs, they tend to rub together quite a bit when I walk. Even though I wear pretty long boxer briefs, the denim of my pants still rub together weakening the constitution of my jeans. This results in a hole in the crotch area. Now they are hard to see, but they are there, and they get bigger with each use.


Sadly, this isn’t the worse they have gotten.

Now, I don’t go shopping very often for clothes. I hate spending money, even though I eat out a lot here in Korea. So, I tend to keep wearing my clothes until I can no longer wear them. Sometimes, the whole gets so big, I have to walk and sit carefully to make sure they don’t get seen, or be as noticeable. Sometimes I attempt to sew them and patch them up with my mad (actually bad) sewing skills I developed from being into Cosplay. It never holds since I fuck it up and don’t do it right. After all, no one taught me how to sew, only wiki-how and YouTube.

Also, due to being an American, and a bigger size, it is hard for me to find pants that fit me in Korea. After all, in my opinion, Korean men are oddly proportioned. They have skinny waist, and long legs. Not that it is a bad thing.

Anyways, why bring this up?

Well, beside needing to make a new post, I discovered that I could have my clothes repaired. I was at a local cleaner getting my winter jacket cleaned, since winter is coming and I need to be prepared. I asked if they can fix my pants, and the nice lady said she could. I took them to her and saw her work her magic on my pants. She fixed four pairs in under an hour. It was quite impressive. Other than a few stitches, you can’t tell she repaired it looking from the outside. On the inside, it is sewed and patched up. She even reinforced the crotch so my Chun-Li thighs won’t ruin the work right away too. Plus, the cost was pretty low. I was amazed. She even had many colors of denim fabric that matched each pair of pants.

I will post a picture of the work soon.

So, if you are in Korea, and your clothing starts to develop holes, try to see if you can get it repaired. The work will amaze you. I know I did, and I get to keep my favorite pair of pants.


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