BTS x Coca Cola

Sorry, things have been crazy for me the past few weeks. Between exams for the students, heart break, and my online certification, I haven’t had time at all to post.

So one thing most people know about me, is that I am a collector, and a completionist. If something catches my interest, I will collect it. Then the completionist in me will stick with something, even if I lose interest in it, it becomes bad, etc. I am also like this with collector editions of stuff. I have a problem. I have lots of problems, but that is neither here nor there.

Anyways, I was drinking a coke mid-August, and I saw a handsome guy on my bottle. It turned out to be a member of BTS. Now, I know they are a popular K-Pop group. My students are quite obsessed with them, like extremely. I one said that BTS wasn’t that good, and they ended up both yelling at me and crying. Best teacher, amiright?

Continuing on, there was a blueish-purpleish guy name SUGA on the bottle. I read on the label that it was a special, limited edition run. At that moment I said, “Damn it!” The gears in my head started to turn, I had to collect them all. I don’t even listen to them (and still don’t).


These are what the bottle look like. I have all of them now.

It took me several months to collect them all. I managed to get six out of the seven members pretty easily.

Based off my own personal experience RM (the red color) was the easiest for me to get. I found him so much and so often I am actually sick of his face. The one that was the hardest for me to find was Jimin. Is that his name? He the orange color guy. I actually spent a day hitting up every convenience in my city, well a good portion (honestly over 100) until I found him. I HAVE A PROBLEM!

Now my collection won’t be worth much to any collector.  I drank the soda out of it, because when I have to take it home, it will be hard to take on the plane due to their whole “liquid” rule. So now they’re sitting next to my plant filled with colored water.

So they still sell these bottles. It was supposed to be a limited summer run, but eh I am not complaining. I fulfilled my goal. I will post a picture of my bottles later. Right now, just enjoy the official stock art.

Does this mean I will start listening to BTS? Probably not. Shinee is the only group for me. Then again, they are popular for a reason. Like I tell my students, “this is a Shawol class.” I guess, in this sense it would be blog.


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