Sorry for the lack of updates. I wish I had a good excuse. I have been lazy. I haven’t even worked on my IT certificate or gone to the gym is past month. I need to find my motivation again.

Last Thursday was the American Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s my favorite holiday after Halloween (I am a sucker for dressing up and free candy). Since I have been in Korea, I haven’t had much of a chance to celebrate it since it really isn’t a thing here. When my friend said she found a place with a Thanksgiving dinner, I, along with other friends, were excited to take part.


Sorry for the poor quality of photo, the lighting was abysmal.

The dinner took place at a bar called Wink. Or was it more like a pub? We made a reservation and showed up for our dinner at 7 p.m. It was a two course meal, main dish and dessert, with a drink of our choice. I chose a lemon ball martini. It was delicious, and just the right amount of sour. I love my sour stuff.

This was a great plate of food. I was more exited about the mac and cheese than I should have been. Macaroni is hard to find here. I have the Kraft blue box blues, and I have it really bad. The mash potatoes and gravy was delicious. Everything was delicious. I wish there was a bigger serving or the chance to get a second portion. After all, that is the best part about Thanksgiving, all the food. ALL THE FOOD!


Homemade Cream Pumpkin Caramel Cake – not delicious in my opinion. Also, very, very, very, small.

It was a great time with friends and delicious food. I hope I can find something like this again next year. I feel like I will still be here in Korea. Or maybe somewhere else in the world. I just know I am not going back home anytime soon.


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