Travel Anxiety

As the date for my trip comes closer and closer, the feelings of dread, excitement, and anxiety have been building up inside me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for this trip, and have been planning this for quite a while. Well, like 2-to-3 months. I don’t know why I decided on Cambodia when many people here go to Thailand for a brief summer break away from this icy winter. However, that is neither here or there.

Also, as much as I love traveling, going to new places, meeting new people (even though I am an introvert), and trying new food, I hate the actual traveling part.

I hate having to get up early to travel two hours by train to get to the airport. I hate waiting for flights to check in, making sure it hasn’t been delayed or cancelled. I hate sitting in cars for hours just to get from Point A to Point B. I really, really dislike flying on airplanes. I haven’t had a good experience (apart from that time I got bumped up to first class for a 30 minute flight) on a plane. None of this is pleasant. Why must this be he biggest part of travelling?

One of the few positive aspects I do like is that I can spend time reading on my Kindle Fire (best gift ever, thanks Brandon!), play my 3DS (maybe now Nintendo Switch), writing or working on my novels, or maybe just take a power nap!

If I had a super power, it’ll be the ability to teleport. Yup. Go to my destinations instantaneously. No more flying or driving for me.

Next time I post it’ll be either a Christmas post or something relating to my vacation.


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