Hey party peeps!


fireworks display

Photo by trung nguyen on Pexels.com

Here is hoping 2019 will be your year. Things will turn around. Things will get better. You will get that job. You will get that person. You will find that rare piece you need to complete your collection. Yay to you!

So, the photos and updates regarding my trip to Cambodia will be coming soon. Like, very soon. The moment I returned to Korea from Cambodia I was stricken with an illness. I was having explosive diarrhea (ew, but you’re reading my blog, what does this say about you?) and was feeling intense pain in my lower abdomen. It got so bad, I had to go to the hospital.

The doctor said I was fine, just a common traveler’s disease. Who knew, considering the amount of pain I was in. I don’t know what it is called exactly, since the old man Korean doctor kept pronouncing it like “antivirus” and it was hard for me to find the exact name. Some say I am still researching it to this day.

See you in a future update.


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