Keith Haring: Art is Life. Life is Art.

This past Wednesday, at the end of the Lunar New Years (Yay! No work!) my friends and I went to the Keith Haring exhibit.

The art exhibition titled “Keith Haring, Art is Life. Life is Art.” is on display at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from Nov. 24, 2018 to Mar. 17, 2019. It is definitely a long time for a traveling exhibit. Normally they stay for a month, two a most.


In the 1980s, Keith Haring was an artist and social activist who supported world peace and the elimination of racial discrimination, addressing societal and political issues through his artwork. The messages he sought to spread through his artwork can be seen at his exhibition in Seoul.


while I do enjoy his work, he isn’t one of my favorite artist. His work is well known and can be seen anywhere. Hell, a lot of the time you see his work without even recognizing it. Below are a few pics from my trip. Enjoy.








Everything has a gift shop. EVERYTHING!

While I did enjoy the exhibit, I did not care for what Korea did in regards for it. I know it was an art exhibit, but the exhibit only focused on the art. I know how weird that sounds. I know it is really weird. Like really weird. However, I know that others exhibits focus on the art but they also talk about the life and inspiration of that artist. This exhibit did not do that at all. I guess that some people will be missing out.

I will come back and edit this once I collect my thoughts. I am also going to a K-pop concert this weekend. So I may be posting about that.

Until next time.




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