Snap, Crackle, and K-pop

Last Saturday (2/9/19) I went to my first K-pop Concert here in South Korea. My second K-pop concert total. My first one was in Dallas with Shinee. 🙂

The K-pop concert was part of a tour group. It was only 40,000 won, which is roughly 40 USD. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that. The concert was in celebration of the first anniversary of the Winter Olympics held in Korea last February.

The lineup included:



Super Junior – D&E


NCT 127

Boek Z Young

I only heard of two of the aforementioned groups, and haven’t listened to any of them. So I got to go in pretty blind.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the tour part, since it was pretty lackluster. Like not memorable. They knew why everyone was there. We all knew why we went to. However, our tour guide was really energetic and made everything enjoyable despite the cold weather.

The concert was held at the Gangneung Arena, where many of the winter events were held during the Olympics.


It looked deceptively empty from the outside. Inside was a different story.


What even is this? It was in the building and I thought it looked cool. Also thought it was going to come alive and attack me. Yeah~~~


We were kind of close to the stage, the following pictures will make it seem like I am father away. Yay Galazy S6 camera.


So the event wasn’t exactly what they promised. It was billed as a K-Pop concert. The six performers listed did perform. However, most only did two to three songs. The rest of the time was cultural performances. I am not going to lie, I was disappointed at first. However, as the concert progressed the cultural acts got better and better. The K-Pop performances were mixed in between the cultural performances. I guess to get people to say.

Overall, I had a good time. I enjoyed parts of it more than I should have. It was also the first time I was at a concert and people stayed seated down. That was strange.

Below you will find some of my pictures. Enjoy!



The was someone who was doing Korean Sign Language interpretation, not only during the speeches, but also during the songs. Talk about intense.


Super Junior is the first K-Pop group to perform.


There was a Sign Language interpreter, not only during the speeches, but also during the songs.




It is raining balloons!

The tiger moves like those dragon dancer things!

Some sort of awesome performance relating to the ice sports.

The girl on the far right injured herself, but she is a main vocal. So she sang while sitting in the chair. It looked like punishment. [Momoland]







Yuna Kim!


I’ll come back eventually and finish labeling and captioning.


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