Hey Party Peeps!

Sorry for a lack of posts, updates, etc. Work has been hella busy. With three teachers who left, each for different reasons, I had to help pick up the slack. My boss will only hire and train one teacher at a time, so I don’t know when I will resume my usual schedule.

I have gone out a little, seen some movies, played some games, had some heartbreak and ate some food, but a lot of it is not note worthy. Spring is almost upon us so I will be posting and trying to travel more.

I originally wanted to be a travel blog, after it being a personal diary blog, but now I don’t know. I still trying to find my path for this site, just like how I trying to find my path in life.

Delicious High Ball whiskey. Kicked my ass because I haven’t drank in a long time

Chili-cheese spaghetti from an American Soul Food resturant.

Nothing special, but I do have a picture or two to share.

Until next time!


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