Happy White Day!

Happy White Day!

A White Day message from my favorite idol from my Uta no Prince mobile game.

White Day occurs on March 14th, exactly one month after Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated in many Asian countries.

In America (and probably some western countries) Valentine’s is the day for lovers. Guys and girls exchange chocolate, cards, go on dates, etc. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate it. At least to my knowledge. I alwaya gave chocolate to my friends. Small tokens of friendship. When I was in relationships I would tailor this day to the person I was dating. No one wants to hear about those details.

In Korea and Japan, Valentine’s Day is a day where girls give chocolate to boys. This usually falls into two categories: like chocolate and obligation chocolate.

First, obligation chocolate is where girls give chocolate to their friends that are boys. These are usually store bought, small, and nothing to write home about. However, the guys receiving these chocolates may say otherwise. Some guys treat getting chocolates as a contest. Keep that a secret between us, okay?

Second, the like chocolate. This chocolate is handmade and given to the guy they like. I say handmade but that is rarely the case. Usually they melt chocolate and pour it into a mold. They hand wrap it and give it to them with their feelings. I am not a girl so I don’t know the whole thought process behind it.

With all that history, now you are ready for the point of this post, White Day.

White Day comes a month after and is when guys return the favor. The guys usually give candy, or some sort of small trinket, to the girls that gave them chocolate. However, there is a small catch. For some reason the White Day gift has to be worth 10% more than the Valentine’s chocolate the boy received. This might be an antiquated rule, but it was how I learned. At least the misinformation I spread isn’t as bad as the Anti-vaccines movement.

Well I forget the rest of what I was going to say.


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