Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV Show)

One of my guilty pleasure shows is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It is a musical comedy about a girl named Rebecca Bunch who is obsessed with her ex-boyfriend, Josh Chan. She moves across the country for him and shenanigans ensue as she tries to break him up with his current girlfriend so she can get with her. However, the later seasons evolved pass this as she learns and deals with her mental issues that led her to this behavior.

I discovered it on Netflix when I was bored one day and wanted to try something new. The humor might not be for everyone and the lead can be a little off putting (but not as off putting as Zooey DeSchanel from New Girl).

The music is a huge draw to the series as the songs are not something one would usually sing about, or a parody of common musical tropes.

With the series finishing its run on April 5th, I put together a list of my top ten favorite songs and why I like them. The descriptions are not in depth like some people will expect or want like other list do. I’m my own person. Hope you enjoy, feel the same way, or discovered something new.

10. Textmergency (Season 1, Episode 11)

A good rock ballad for a transition between scenes. I love how the musicians banter with each other and how they offer up suggestions for Rebecca to search for the key. The post credit scene shows that ‘Text-astrophy” was the word that caught on, not Textmergency.

9. Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too (Season 3, Episode 9)

First, gotta appreciate the sexualization of the men in this kind of stripping song. However, this is a heavily female dominated show so the women are more “real” while the guys are not. Regardless, this songs basically says that no matter what you look like, you can have real problems.

8. I Go to the Zoo (Season 3, Episode 3)

A song about doing what you need to feel better about yourself. In this case, the guy goes to the zoo. The song is kind of catchy. I like it a lot, but I cannot explain why. Like at all. It just clicks inside me. When I get down, I listen to music or play video games. I used to go to the gym, but I am lazy, and also the gym next to me is no longer open.

7. You Go First (Season 2, Episode 7)

This song sends a great message about being an adult and just apologizing to keep your friendship. The hardest part is always being the one to initiate things. So this song shows that nothing will change if you wait for the other person to go first. Plus, I just like it. Like most songs on my list, and most songs from the show. Also, the hair styles seem familiar to me, but I am not sure why.

6. Dream Ghosts (Season 1, Episode 15)

Another great, catchy, and transitional song. Plus the song itself reveals how it is used as a narrative device. I love 4th wall breaking stuff, like Deadpool. Oh! This song has Rickie Lake in it. It made me miss my sisters, and feel nostalgia for her, since we used to watch the Rickie Lake Show a lot growing up as kids during the summer time. We rarely had cable, but her show was on regular broadcast television.

5. Let’s Generalize About Men (Season 3, Episode 1)

A fun tongue in cheek song, that is now kind of true and one of my all time favorite songs. Men are terrible, I agree. I should know, because I am a man who is terrible. Like a low terrible, but still terrible. This song is catchy (like most songs on my list), and I also like the 80s style fashion. The hair reminds me of old pictures of my mom from that time period. Also reminds me of shows I watched growing up.

4. Friendtopia (Season 2, Episode 6)

This song is catchy and made me a bit nostalgic for the Spice Girls. That is is. No other reason. I just like it.

3. A Fuckton of Cats/A Buttload of Cats (Season 3, Episode 12)

A great song, and a bit tongue in cheek (like Let’s Generalize About Man) about a popular cliche, lonely women and a lot of cats. The song basically says if you are going to be a single woman for the rest of your life, you got to get a lot of cats. However, the song explains that is also a bad idea, will make you lonelier and possibly crazier. This song also has a broadcast version (which is good) and an explicit one (which is the best in my opinion). I also like how the used the puppets for actual cats. I do wish the strangling at the end of the video (which was made for a blooper reel) had the cat come back and make a remark about nine lives.

2. I’m a Good Person (Season 1, Episode 5)

A good, catchy song. It is a bit of a humble brag, but also completely ironic. All the things about being a good person with none of the actions of actually being a good person. When I first heard this song, it got stuck in my head and I hummed all day the following day. I still hum it from time to time. Both versions of this song (the actual and the TV broadcast) are both great.

1. The Sexy Getting Ready Song (Season 1, Episode 1)

Yes. My number 1 song is from the very first episode of the series. I know, it is kind of strange. However, I must admit this was the song that sold me on the series. It showed that the show was kind of quirky and appealed to a good chunk of my sense of humor. Another great thing is during the post credit scene we actually see the guy apologize to “some bitches.”


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