Cherry Blossoms (and other Flower Viewing)

Yesterday, after being ghosted my my boyfriend, I was invited to go look at cherry blossom trees with a friend. I feared I would miss them this year as the weather was cold consistantly up until a few days ago.

For those wondering what cherry blossoms are, because they are not a weeb like me, don’t want to look at my poor took pictures, or just want a definition, I’ll tell you.

A cherry blossom, or sakura (the Japanese and weeb word), is a flower of several trees genus Prunus (Don’t tell my teachers I paid attention). The genus Prunus is basically trees or shrubs which include plums, cherries, peaches, etc. They usually grow in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere.

Enough with the science lesson. My friend and I walked along Seoul, specifically Yeoudio Park, to see if we could see some cherry blossoms. We saw quite a few, but not as many as we wanted. The park was beautiful and we saw some other flowers blooming too.

I do admit, I did tear up a little. My mom was a landscaper, and while I have no talent for plants, beautiful gardens and flowers are how I feel closer to her.

After continuing our leisurely stroll, we noticed the crowd was getting massive. Like, cherry blossom viewing is a pastime (and now a must for social media influencers here in Asia) but it should have been this jammed packed. Turns out we stumbled in to a mini festival for cherry blossoms and a gender equality awareness festival. Which reminds me that my friend and I need to continue that chat.

Overall, it was a nice and relaxing Sunday. The introvert in me wasn’t as prepared for that many people however. Cherry blossoms are nice anf worth checking out at least once if your ever in Asia. But, don’t loke go out of your way for them. They are just trees. Like I don’t get the hype (but I understand it).


P.S. We also passed by a closed building with a gaggle of Astro Boys. I wish I could have found a way inside.

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