Eye Surgery

This past weekend I had surgery on my eyes. Don’t worry, it was purely cosmetic. No, it was not the typical eye surgery you hear about in Asian countries. Please don’t send me hate, I wasn’t being racist. Just making a joke. A bad joke. Well, that’s it. Guess it is time to leave the internet forever. Or you know, bury this post in case I ever run for office again.

Anyways, my friend told me about a clinic in (Oppa) Gangnam (Style) that she had her eyes done at. I signed up for a consultation and had my appointment on Saturday.

The appoint was at the BGN Eye Clinic, which is famous among expats here in Korea apparently. I mean when I walked into the office I was blocked from the entrance because a lot of doctors were posing for for pictures holding up awards. (Also, as a side note 90 percent of the staff was really attractive. Both the men and women. I felt really insecure.) In addition, the place was busy, at 10 A.M. when it opened.


So I went through a cycle of test for like and hour. They checked my vision, healthiness of my eyes, if I will get glaucoma in the future, along with quite a few other test. They didn’t even check for my color-blindness. Not that I think that effects my qualifications for the surgery.

After the consultation, they told me I qualified for Lasek, Lasik, and the newer Smile Lasik. The Smile Lasik has the shortest recovery time and the fastest operation time. Even though I wasn’t planning on getting it that same day, they had an opening so I just YOLO’d. I mean, why wait.

The procedure only took 10 minutes overall. However, it was a little scary for me. The translator scared me too. She said when you hear the suction don’t turn move your eye or you will lose it. Whose says that to someone before they have the operation?

maxresdefault (1)So the scary part to me was having my eyes numbed but still being able to see everything that was being done to me, especially with the scapula. It reminded me of the second to last mission in Dead Space 2 where you have to basically stab your own eye. Just like the image above. This is what popped into my head while it was happening. I am afraid to admit I did scream a little too.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad. I got into my head more than what the whole procedure actually was to me. It was nice walking out the office, looking out the window and being able to see the Seoul skyline. The next best thing was waking up and being able to see clearly.

If you are thinking about getting your eyes done while you are in Korea (since it is cheaper here) I recommend doing it. I know glasses and contacts are not for everyone. I knew they weren’t for me. I always wanted to get this done, but always put it off so I can travel and save up money too. So I am happy and feel I won’t regret my purchase. You know, buyer remorse and all that stuff.

One cool, and kind of metal, thing that they take some of your blood, mix it with some chemicals, and make you a special kind of eye drop. It helps your eye heal up faster since it made with stuff from your body. *insert ghost noises here*

The recovery and treatment plan is pretty easy. The first day is just taking medicated eye drops every two hour, and false tears every 20 minutes to prevent dry eyes. The next day is taking the medicated drops every four hours every day until the drops run out. The false tears are still every 20 minutes, or whenever you feel your eyes drying out. It is also stops eyes from wrinkling.

If you have any questions or want any more details, please message me.


P.S. gotta make sure I keep up with my eye drops.

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