Message Tree

While out distracting my friend last Saturday due to the construction on her apartment, we wondered to the Lotte World Mall. I always forget that this place exist. I rarely have reason to come here and its heavily tourism traps.

While window shopping we came across something called a message tree. We werr looking for a place to sit down and rest and somehow ended up in front of it. The structure looks like a tree, but also with a whole bunch of lamps. However, they are not lamps, they are printers.

Yeah that thing is filled with papers.

So you sit at the little square and use your finger to draw a picture, write a message, or whatever on the digital pad. Then you press print. It prints two copies of your art from the printers above (the lamp looking things.) One is presumably for you and one is for the paper pile. “What is the purpose of this?” You may ask. I don’t have an answer. The sign was in Korean only, and I am not skilled enough to translate it.

After fooling around with it for quite a while, I decided to keep my best looking picture. I am not an artist by any means, but the Jolly Roger for the Strawhat Pirates from One Piece is something I am a little proud of. You can see it in the picture below.


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