Art of Disney

Today, my friends and I went to a special exhibit at the DDP (DongDaemun History and Cultural Park). You may remember from one of my last post, this one, that I mentioned that I was planning on coming to the Art of Disney.

Unlike Keith Haring, there was a long line I had to wait in to get my tickets. Then again, it was on a Sunday. Everyone know that Sunday is date/family day in Korea. It is like almost everyone literally goes out on Sundays.

Along the wall was a short time line of Disney. It showed its development, the shorts that aired before movies and films, plus the debut of the Mickey Mouse character.

The first thing I thought about was Kingdom Hearts II

Mickey and Minnie concept art

After seeing Mickey and the other characters, such as Donald, we went further into time with the introduction of the Snow White movie. Everyone knows its one of Disney’s fully animated feather length film (at least at the time). It is also what started Disney as we know it today.

Fun fact, it turns out that the reason the prince in this movie (and Sleeping Beauty) rarely show up, is because he was too hard to animate. Additionally, he was too “flamboyant” and they couldn’t man him up.



Snow White’s concept art. Had a good anime-like vibe to it.

Animated Magic Mirror. I am not the fairest of them all. I wasn’t even the fairest in the room. 

Who is your favorite dwarf?

Next, we take a trip to Alice in Wonder Land, Sleeping Beauty, and various films leading up to the 1960s. I didn’t take much pictures because, frankly, I don’t enjoy (or even like) most of the films from that era. Blasphemy, I know.

Love the concept art for Sleeping Beauty


Love this concept for Maleficent Dragon


After the 1960s, we jump straight to the 1990s. We skipped over a lot of the stuff. I hear most of that was just sub-par at best. We do get into modern Disney, but don’t touch upon the Pixar stuff. Enjoy the rest of the pictures.



Concept art for the Lion King




I’ll Make A Man Out of You!


When I saw this, I didn’t think sisters. Many people made comments about this as well.





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