The first week of May was Golden Week. At least in Japan. Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but Golden Week is a string of four holidays that take place within a week at the end of April or beginning of May. Scandalous information, I know. The point is, my old university friend, who is teaching English in Japan (like me and Korea), came over for a visit. 

Due to some unforeseen circumstances at my school, I was unable to take time off to see her. I was only able to see her on the weekend. She also traveled with a friend. I was a bit peeved by her friend, because she wouldn’t let me and my friend have some one on one time. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand how travel with people works. However, sometimes people want a lunch or something to catch up with their friend they haven’t seen in a long time. That is neither her nor there. 

As you may remember, I mentioned going to the SM Town Museum for Jonghyun memorial. I didn’t have time to explore the rest of the museum. So when she came, I was super excited. She as much into Shinee as I am, and been needed an excuse to come back and explore.

SM Town has many parts. There is the gift shop and the cafe, which I have covered in my previous post. I didn’t feel the need to take pictures of them this time. The cafe was a little different. I was a bit bummed the capsule machine didn’t get restocked with Shinee junk. BOO SM TOWN! BOO!

There is also the museum, which I will cover in a little bit. Finally there is the theater. It has a hologram musical, but special plays, etc. get rotated in. The tickets are HELLA expensive. So I will save up and go back for that. So maybe this post will be a part of a trilogy. 

So the museum is laid out strangely. It is two floor. Well a floor and a half. It shows a timeline of the label and their artists, a detailed history of some artist and their work, what a backstage dressing room looks like, some costumes and outfits, recording studio, sample dance studio, etc. They also have a “special” exhibit that shows something special that is going on or has recently happen. 

Since I am posting this from my phone app I cannot adjust my pictures and their placements just yet. So bear with me. I will come back and edit it. Until then, enjoy everything I posted below.


Shinee’s nearly complete discography laid out with the bonuses and everything.

I am going to try to find the album that has this art work. I need it in my life.

Who could forget the Lucifer video and that backless vest?

From Sherlock. I am bothered because the name of the newspaper isn’t capitalized. 

Super Junior.

Girl Generation. I love the Gee film dance strip. I should have taken a better photo.

Recording Studio

This makes me burn with the intensity of 1000 burning suns. This happened the bay before I arrived in Osaka last year. If I new what was going on, I would have went and gone to Japan earlier.

Tee Hee


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