Plenty of Fish

Last Sunday a friend invited me to go to the aquarium with him. Now, I’ve been putting it off because my experience has taught me aquariums are small and not that interesting. Here or anywhere in the world for that matter.

After much convincing we went to the Aquarium in Lotte World mall. I somehow keep coming back to this mall for different things and reasons. One would think I would have done everything here by now.

The entrance fee was ₩30,000 ($30 USD) per person. Luckily, we ate at the mall and got a 30% discount. He got an extra 10% for some reason he wouldn’t tell me.

The actual aquarium was kind of big and a bit more interesting than one would expect. The species of fish was quite varied

They even had a touch tank. My friend and I played a starfish stacking game with the ones in the tank and were asked to stop. Over all it was a decent experience and I cans see why many families comes to visit and many couples go on dates there.



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