a simple update

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve been pretty introverted lately, and haven’t been feeling all that well mentally. I have a lot going on and I’ve been trying to distract myself. It hasn’t been working yet.


In good news, I am an offical Shawol. Shawols are the fans of Shinee, and that is the official name. It comes from the first album Shinee World. Go figure. This is a day 2008 Thomas would have never seen coming. Like at all. The official fan club was opened for registration only once in 2009. That was literally ten years ago. LITERALLY!!! That right, three exclamation points. The registration became open again back in February, and I only found out about it a couple of weeks ago. But not in time for what I will talk about next.


APPARENTLY, for the 11th anniversary of Shinee’s debut a special exhibition is being held. HOWEVER, it is only for official fan club members who registered before a certain date. I registered the day after the cut off. I didn’t know that was going down until a few days ago.

Now my feelings are extreme and mixed. I want to go but I am unable to. Why must I miss out on Shinee stuff when I am in Korea, the home of Shinee? Life is un-fair. Oh well, I will try to find a way to go. Or at least try to get merchandise. There must be something I can do. I won’t let the opportunity slip me by.



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