Stranger Things

As many of you may heard, Netflix opened up a pop-up zone for The Netflix Original Stranger Things. With Netflix’s growing business in South Korea, this pop-up is suppose to drum up interest for the new upcoming season. You can read more about it here.

I am not a fan of Stranger Things (child actors are so hit miss in terms of talent), but my friend is. She convinced me to check it out with her. Mainly cause my Korean skills are slightly better than hers. Slightly.

Outside is the gate and an art mural advertising the new season that starts on July 4th, US’s Independence Day. I miss buying and setting off fire works. There no greater feeling in the world than blowing up small parts of your home country to celebrate your freedom. I am not a terrorist NSA watch dogs.

When you go in the grounds there is a small kiosk where you register your phone number and number of people in your party. You are then assigned a group number and estimated time of your entrance. Despite the long line, we only had to wait fifteen minutes.

There is also a decent photo opportunity zone. It was too hot outside so I didn’t see a lot of people use it, like at all.

Before entering the building, you are given a map. There is a small stamp rally. You collect 11 stamps to get a raffle ticket for a prize. I won a face mask but my friend won a T-Shirt. That lucky duck.

The stamp rally is a little challenging to be honest. The instructions are in Korean only and the staff had limited English skills. But basically you take 11 different pictures and post to social media with certain hashtags. My friend and I didn’t have social media so we were allowed to just take photos and show them to a staff member.

Such photos include:

– the moving trash can

– rub spelled out in lights

– the bed room

The pop-up boasted about a trick-eye room, a mini museum, famous season two “sets” and an escape room. A frickin’ escape room.

Anyone who knows me knows I love escape rooms, despite not being smart enough for them. We went mainly for the escape room. However, you cannot register at the actual pop-up. You have to register online. My friend and I couldn’t find the website to register for it. Even the event staff couldn’t find it. We spent over an hour trying to find it, but eventually had to give up.

Overall, I would say that this pop-up isn’t worth the visit if you are coming to Hongdae just for it. Fans of the show will love it, so they might tolerate the crowd. I still had some fun. I got an experience to share and a nifty prize and sticker.

I like how my face mask actually has good English (A Netflix Original Korean Face Mask), but then again it is ran by Netflix itself, not some other group or individual (as some pop-up are not technically official).

The pop up on runs until July 7th, 2019. So, if you want to check it out, you better move fast.



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