BTS World (The Mobile Game)

Let me preface this that I am not a BTS fan. I would have to say my feelings towards are more neutral and indifferent. I have heard a few of their songs and I can understand how people can become obsessive with them. I am still not an active listener.

BTS World is a fan game (that was just released last week and is already climbing to the top of the download charts). It is not just any fan game. One can clearly see that the seven members of the group spent a while doing photo shoots just for this game. Additionally, you would have filmed scenes with both the individual members and the group as a whole. There is a certain high level of production here I have never seen before in a game of this genre. Each character has countless photo cards, reaction shots, voices, and anything that requires unique pictures.

At its core, BTS World, is a gacha game. I love gacha games (even though I have terrible luck) which is why I downloaded it. You, the player, will collect star-based (ranks) cards of each members of the group and upgrade them to pass an ever-raising bar to make it to the next story mission. This “game” is not a game in the traditional sense. As for a gacha game, it is very generous too. The stamina quickly replenishes and they throw more wings (the energy for the game) at you than you know what to deal with. It is not a money sucker like most gacha games, but I can see hard-core fans dropping large amounts of money to collect all the cards.

The “plot” of the game plays like bad (in a good way), self-insert fanfiction. I love cheesy fanfiction. I used to write some, but that is neither here nor there. SPOILER ALERT: You are sent back in time to 2012 (yay time travel 🙂 my favorite thing) to act as BTS’s manager, trying to get the group together and make them famous. Their music is a gift to the world. So all scenes involve recruiting them, finding them houses, training them, etc. This game was clearly written for young, female fans. The boys constantly refer to you as a female (instead of gender neutral pronouns) and either treat you as a house mom or flirt with you. There is also something called “another story” which has a member go off on an individual story of what they would be doing if they were not in BTS.

One thing I also noticed. Each member has a specific charter quirk or trait that gets played up a lot. At times it seems like they are caricatures of themselves. Maybe this is how they really are, I wouldn’t know. Like I said, I am not really a fan. However, I do know this kind of thing is usually used for stories with big a cast.

You can also manage members to raise stats. You gotta make sure they’re in good condition.

Will I play this game forever? Probably not. Will I play it until I finish the story? Yes. I am a completionist of sorts. I am sure fans will love this game, as they can message and interact with their favorite members of the group. This game basically gives you everything you need, except for the romance, to fulfill your fantasies.


P.S. Feel free to add me. I’ll send you wings.

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