Pokémon Go x One Piece Collab *Gasp*

One Thing I never expected to write about was One Piece and Pokémon in the same post. At least not in this context.

I subscribe to the One Piece Messenger on the Line App. I am a big One Piece buff, but who doesn’t know that at this point? I post about it and talk about it quite often.

So on Tuesday I received this message:

【尾田栄一郎と『Pokémon GO』が熊本復興で協力コラボ!】

尾田栄一郎先生が協力している熊本県の復興を、『Pokémon GO』が応援!


詳細は、「ONE PIECE熊本復興プロジェクト」のWEBサイトをご覧ください。

「ONE PIECE熊本復興プロジェクト」


Without a moment of hesitation I went to the Google to translate. You might ask, “Why didn’t you translate it yourself?” I would answer, “Kanji is hard. Mind your business.” This is what translate gave me:

[Oda Eiichiro and “Pokémon GO” are collaborating collaborations in Kumamoto revival! ]

“Pokémon GO” supports the revival of Kumamoto Prefecture where Eiichiro Oda is cooperating!

The “one piece of straw” image set up in Kumamoto will be a pocket stop. In commemoration of this, “Pikachu wearing a red ribbon straw hat” and a changing item “a red ribbon straw hat” will appear all over the world.

For details, please see the website of “ONE PIECE Kumamoto Reconstruction Project”.

“ONE PIECE Kumamoto Reconstruction Project”


Surprisingly, a good translation. Especially since it came from Google.

Basically, a Pikachu wearing Luffy’s signature StrawHat will be available in Pokémon Go (worldwide) for a limited time (est. July 22nd to the 29th). Players can also get a straw hat for their avatar.

Additionally, the Luffy Statue in Kumamoto will become a Pokestop.

This has me more excited than I should be.

I will definitely try to get me quite a few. Look how cute this MoFo is. 😀

If you play, feel free to add me. I sent gifts with such interesting photos such as the post office and the tiger statue.


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