Osaka Adventure: Cup Noodle Museum

One thing is found on my trip was that a cup noodle Museum exist near Osaka. I accidentally found an ad, but I managed to convince my friend to go.

So we hopped on the train and arrived 30 minutes later. We went right when it opened and it was still busy and crowded. Like other people had the same idea too.

Outside the Museum is a statue of the inventor standing on a cup noodle. It’s pretty cool, and I regret not learning his name. In the immortal words of Hiro Mashima, “Whoops!”

Since we didn’t have a reservation, one part of the Museum was closed off to us. It just an expanded upon experience of one of the parts of the Museum.

The Museum is split into two part, an exhibition showcasing the history of instant noodles, and a make your own cup noodle.

Look at this old school noodle making house.

Along one wall of the exhibit, it shows what cup noodles are currently in circulation, and what noodles were out in the past. It even showed the very first cup noodles!!!

Seriously. It went from the floor to the ceiling. The perfect chance to use the Panoramic feature of my iPhone and I didn’t use it. It’s tough being part of the 1% (I am really not part of it.)

The other side of the wall started from conception to execution.

We even got to see the inside of the cup of noodles!!!

Did you know it doesn’t touch the bottom? I didn’t until this trip. My mind is forever blown.

Instant cup noodles also went to space. Yay for the astronauts!

After exploring the exhibit, we got to make our own cup noodles. It’s fun and only cost 300 Yen.

Look how crowded this part was too, at 10 in the morning. That is when the museum opened!

First you buy your cup from a vending machine, because it is Japan.

Next you clean and sanitize your hands because you are a filthy animal. Don’t try to hide it. You know you don’t wash your hands when you leave the restroom. You disgust me.

Then we can decorate our cups. My friends and I got down to business.

Her cup came out better than mine. One Piece represent!!!

Finally comes the fun part. You put your noodles in your cup, choose a broth, and FOUR toppings. I got curry broth, my friend got tomato chili. She can handle spicy, I cannot.

The last part is really cool. They put the lid on it and then wrap it in a plastic bag. They put it into that machine on the far right of the picture. It applies heat to the bag and that how the cup gets shrink-wrapped. I enjoyed that part more than I should.

This is a model of the candle I bought from the gift shop. I haven’t set fire to it yet, so I am not sure how it smell. There is no indication on the box.

If you ever get the chance to visit, I recommend it. It’s a short amount of time spent at the place, but over all it is quite fun. You can make your own memories and have a delicious souvenir. However, you only have one month to eat it before it expires. So you better not save it.

Until next time,


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