Dave Does Music

So I am taking a small break from my Osaka Adventure post. Even though there is only one or two more. I didn’t take a lot of pictures or did anything else new that I don’t usually do. So feel free to ignore this.

One of the few people I follow on YouTube is the channel Dave Does Music which can be found here.

One month ago, Dave did a call for submission. He kept the details very under wrapped. All that we had to do was sing about 16 bars of “Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na.” Well is it bar? I am not musically inclined. What is a bar?

Anyways, I decided to do it and submit my voice. Even though my voice is the worst.

Last week, the video came out, but I was in Japan and didn’t get my notification. I didn’t check his site until today and that when I saw the video.

The ‘Na’s were for a cover of the song ‘2B a Master‘ from the 4Kids/WB era of Pokemon. That era was the late 90s early 00s.

It song came out great, and it is kind of fun to know my voice is in the video, along with some of the other people voices. He managed to get 15 people to submit. I have to applaud him. I love it when YouTube creators do audience stuff. šŸ™‚

Look there I am. There is the site getting plugged. I hope it brings more traffic.

The video can be found here. If I knew how to embed YouTube videos on WordPress I would just post it.


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