Osaka Adventure – K-Con Pop Up

So after a fun trip to the noodle museum, we were hungry. We were going to save our noodles for another time. (Which I just ate yesterday 8/14 and by God it was delicious!) We decided to pop into the HEP building (where we went on the Ferris Wheel last year) for food. After debating three options (both of us didn’t want Japanese food, which is weird cause we were in Japan), we decided to try out this gourmet burger place. When we got there we were surprised, there was a K-Con pop-up store.


Look at our delicious burgers. We both forgot to ask for no mayo. 😦


Another table with the artists that performed.


Wall of photos from a concert?


BTS sign board


Stray Kids sign board. I actually like this group.


Monsta X sign board


Got 7 sign board. I like this group too, but they’re not big in Korea.


Each table had this on it, or a group picture. If there were less people, I would have taken pictures of the tables.


Merchandise. They were nearly sold out when we got there.

We didn’t know this was going on when we picked the place. The burgers were delicious, but the K-pop merch. was very, very lacking. It seems the good stuff sold out fast. We did peruse what was available and it wasn’t worth it. Aside from the buttons and some posters, everything had the logo of this event. Why would we buy something with the logo of a thing we didn’t go to?

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