Osaka Adventure: USJ -One Piece Pirate Restaurant

So it is apparently a tradition for me to go to USJ (Universal Studio Japan) every summer in Korea. Apparently this past summer was no different. Not much has changed since last year.


An advertisement for the new One Piece film.

One thing I noticed is that there was a One Piece restaurant. Well two. One for the general public, and a sequel to Sanji’s restaurant from last year. For Sanji’s I wasn’t able to get a reservation this year, since I was unaware they were doing it again. Haha, so I went to the general one.

The general pirate restaurant was in the Jurassic Park part of the park. It was in the JP restaurant and just slightly decorated to fit the theme of the new One Piece film, stampede.

My favorite part, one piece flags and dinosaur bones.


A sequel to Sailor Moon from last year and a Godzilla VS Evangelion movie? YES! PLEASE!

An anti-climatic end to my vacation and Osaka Adventure series. Hope you’re not to disappointed.



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