Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, too bad it isn’t big here in South Korea.

As a former cosplayer, I always loved dressing up in costumes, and it the societal day to dress up with little to no judgement (back when I cared what people thought of me).

As a kid, I loved trick or treating, getting free candy, and going to people’s garages for those cheesy haunted houses. It’s amazing I haven’t been kidnapped.

One of my favorite places to trick or treat was the nearby Air Force retirement village. Those old folks always gave out full size and long size can’t bars. I did however make the mistake of bragging about it so the next year the houses ran out by the time I got there. 😦

As a teen, young adult, and even now I love watching horror movies. Halloween is such a perfect day to marathon. It really helps sets the mood. It a shame I don’t have many friends that like scary movies as much as I do.

So from me to you, Happy Halloween.


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