With the new Pokemon games coming out in roughly two months (November 15th, 2019), I decided to do a post of my favorite Pokemon from each generation. These are my personal bias so don’t get hurt if your favorite is not on here. Also don’t be mad that this is a rare top 5 list that doesn’t have the overrated Charizard.

Here it is, my final Top 5 Pokemon post (at least for now), and we reach the Alola region, otherwise known as generation 7. Honestly, I only played Pokemon Sun (and Ultra Sun) once. I didn’t have much fun playing. It was a lot of hand holding. However, a lot of waifus and husbandos came out of this game. Without further ado, let us begin.

#5: Magearna


Magearna, an event Pokemon one can only get by QR code. If you don’t have it, here you go.


Honestly, I never used it. I picked it up and automatically put it in my box. Heartless? Yes. So why is it on my list? Well, I just like the way it looks. It looks like my favorite villain from the Madoka Magica series, Walpurgisnacht. Pokemon even updated the nickname system to allow 12 characters. You bet your sweet ass I nicknamed it that. I mean, doesn’t it look like it, even just a little?

My favorite Pokemon

#4: Mimikyu


Yes, the knock-off Pikachu merchandise Pokemon. To be honest, I would have liked it (based on the sheer creepy factor alone) even without the hard push in marketing from Nintendo. The promotional video and song that went with it made the Pokemon seem lonely and copy Pikachu so trainers will want to catch and train it. For a ghost and fairy type, it isn’t bad, plus the free substitute in battle is great as well. Still, I kind of regret liking it since everyone else likes it too. I know, I am such a hipster.

#3: lyconroc 


This (well these) good boy is my third pick. I really think it should be higher on my list. I like all three forms. You got a werewolf, a wolf, and a weird fusion of the two, each with their own unique battle styles. Although, I am not a fan of them being a rock type Pokemon.

Yes, I like them just because they are wolves. I am that kind of person. Don’t judge me. You chose to come to this website. What does this say about you? Huh? If I had to choose a Pokemon to make real and be my partner, I would choose one of these. Or in a twister way, I would chose one that is able to freely change between the forms. I am a monster.

#2: Type Null/Silvally


Normally, I choose one member of the evolution line even if I like the whole evolution line. However, it was hard to choose between these two. I like Type Null (fun fact, during the reveal video I thought it was a coding error) since it looks like a monster with helmet. That is pretty hard core, even by my standards. It looks cool, plus it is an artificial Pokemon that severed its purpose and was cryogenically frozen. Tragic.

Then it evolves with friendship and all it really does is lose the helmet, and shows its true face (and becomes whiter). That is it. It is the most low-key change in all of Pokemon evolution history. Don’t agree with me? Fight me. Basically this Pokemon says “I like and trust you enough to show you my true face.” That really resonances with me. Plus it looks like another good boy puppy. How can I not like it?

#1: Incineroar


Another fan favorite and Smash fighter. It is a wrestler, and a cat. If you don’t know wrestling, it is model after a “heel” fighter. Which is pretty cool in and of it self. It has a championship belt that is pure fire. I think it looks cool and it is a starter. I know my taste are predictable.

What do you think of my top 5 pick? Who are your favorite, non-Charizard Pokemon?


P.S. I decided to get the Sword version of the new Pokemon games coming out.

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