Pop Up: Nostalgia – Victon 5th Mini Album

This past Saturday (11/16) I was out participating in Pokemon Go’s Chimchar community day. After community day was finished, I headed to Yongsan Station to go watch Zombieland 2: Double Tap. Just as a side bar, it was a pretty  good movie and pretty fun. It wasn’t just a cash grab like I thought it would have been.

Anyways, as I was walking to the theater I stumbled upon a pop-up shop. A shop that ended yesterday to be exact. The pop-up shop was for the group Nostalgia. Or Victon. I am not sure which is the groups name to be honest. I could Google it, but when have I ever been a good source of information? Don’t answer that…

I guess this is the group or album.

Sign that is advertising the merchandise, but doesn’t show what is sold out like that hoodie! 😦

The group members. No idea who they are, plus the color is worse with my color blindness.

The wall outside the pop up

A wall describing the purpose or reason of the album.

I’m sure there a reason for this. Not comfortable to sit on though.




Pictures that were above the poster and other merchandise to buy.

Outside the pop-up. It is so small.

Life-size, autographed cut outs. The mall didn’t allow for good lighting. I am also taller than all these guys.

Well it was a fun pop-up shop to check out. I am not as active in the K-pop scene since I don’t want be seen as one of those people who only came to Korea for k-pop. I am not, but there is still that stigma here.

I think I will check them out. I was tempted to buy their album there, but it was sold-out. Maybe I will actually look them up on YouTube. It is the 5th album, so they must have a sizable fan base.

Until Next time!!!


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