Big T Movie Review: Frozen 2

This is a week late. So there are a lot of reviews out there. Better reviews. However, here is mine. It is not that good compared to actual reviewers, but I digress.

Last weekend, the release weekend, my friend and I went to go see Frozen 2. I was super excited because one of my favorite bands, Panic! at the Disco, did a song for the movie. Or at least a cover of a song. Did I really go see a movie just because of an artist? Yes, I did.


“Into the Unknown”, is the song done by the band and can be watched on YouTube. This is the song that is sung by Elsa, and was really pushed and marketed by Disney. However, in my personal opinion, Panic!’s version of the song was much better and much more engaging than the one that was actually in the movie. No offense to Elsa and her voice actress, but they didn’t bring it as well as she was capable of. This song is also in the ending credits, so that not a spoiler.

The spoilers are coming now. You have been warned.


Aside from Wreck It Ralph 2, Disney hasn’t been really doing sequels as of late, which has been a good thing. Most direct to video sequels have been bad, and that is a generous opinion. Just like Wreck It Ralph 2, all the characters in Frozen had complete character arcs, and we got our happily ever after, and the story lines were completed.

So for the sequel, they had to create an ACTUAL threat again, come up with challenges for the characters, and all that other none sense. You know what I mean. I give them props for coming up with a compelling, original story. However, the plot was fast, and instead of developing past characters, they introduced new characters that we are supposed to care about, but we learn nothing about them so it is kind of hard. In fact, I can’t even remember their names. All I can recall is the black solider guy who is supposedly on one of the portraits in the castle, and some old tribal woman. Oh and that creepy reindeer guy Kristoff had a bromance with.

We get a flashback to the girls’ younger days (which in the timeline, takes place right before Elsa frost bolts Anna in the head), and their father tells them the story of when he entered the Enchanted Forest, found a mysterious battle going on with his father’s army and the Northuldra people (tribal), the battle makes the Spirits angry, and he wound up back in Arendelle, with his father and others lost behind a barrier nobody can bypass. This, obviously, is explained later. Back in the present, Elsa starts hearing this mystical call, and when she pulls a Let It Go by belting out a showy song about how part of her “LONGS to go… into the UNKNOWWWWWWWWN!”, sure enough, bad things start to happen- this awakens Ancient Spirits, and immediately Arendelle is threatened. The Trolls from the first movie arrive, and Grandpabbie does his usual “Speaks In Metaphor” stuff with a scary light-show, and we never see them again. And so the Main Cast is off to the Enchanted Forest.

Elsa naturally breaks through the barrier, and we’re thrown into the issues with the past already- the Arendelle Army has a few soldiers left, they’ve been trapped there all this time, along with the Northuldra clan, and they still aren’t friendly- each blames the other for the battle in the past. Then the Spirits attack, and Elsa has to use her magic to fight them… and then it just spirals from there.

When they talked about the four elemental spirits (I stan the fire spirit) it seemed almost like Avatar-like. It seems like she should unite the four elements. Instead, we learn of a fifth elemental spirit that is the bridge between worlds (spoiler alert, it is Elsa.) Elsa, then travels to a dangerous place, abandoning Anna, to find out the truth of the fighting. However, she goes too deep into the unknown, after singing the song that tells her not to do that, and discovers the truth but “dies” in the process. I say die, but uses quotes because she becomes a frozen statue.

Meanwhile, Anna is in a cave trying to find and reach Elsa. In my interpretation, Anna seems a little too overprotective and overbearing trying to always be with Elsa and stay by her side, but when Elsa final spell reaches Anna revealing the truth and what she must do, Anna breaks down crying. Like I get it, and I understand why, but time was a bit of a factor and I even shouted “are you going to sit there and cry, or are you going to do something about it.” Almost got kicked out. Oh! Olaf died too. I was happy about this because I don’t like him, but to my disappointment he come back.

There is a lot more to this movie, but I don’t want to spoil all of it, and after two weeks and seeing it only once, a lot of the details escape me.

The songs are interesting and quite good- I don’t think anything will prove as ear worm-y as Love Is An Open Door, or especially Let It Go, but there’s at least a few real bangers, and a truly HILARIOUS song featuring Kristoff and a backup band (seriously I loved this one). The movie takes some risks, but ultimately walks back a bit from them. So there are times that this movies seems like a string of music videos only connected by a few lines here and there.

It’s a great sequel, and I think most people who saw the first will love it. I thought it was just okay, but even then I still enjoyed my time watching it. And most importantly, it also makes Disney money. Isn’t that the true meaning of a sequel?


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