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Affiliate Marketing at Home: Passive Income? Not Quite!

Nov 11

Affiliate marketing has been a preferred strategy to drive new sales and make significant web sales. Extremely helpful to both affiliate marketers and brand owners, this new thrust towards alternative marketing strategies has proven wildly successful thus far. In fact: there is now a ten percent increase yearly in affiliate marketing spend.

Thus, for anyone who is interested in making money online, affiliate marketing strategies are not new anymore, but only "re-invented." How do they differ from one another? Well, for one thing, you can basically work from home without getting up early in the morning. Additionally, you will not need to go through the hassles of applying for and getting approved for pay per click (PPC) advertising programs - two of the most popular methods for driving traffic to affiliate websites.

Utilizing Social Media For Affiliate Marketing

In fact, what sets affiliate marketing apart from other Internet marketing methods is its focus on social media. It may sound like old news nowadays, but a lot of people still think that social media is dead, and therefore, won't do anything for them. While it's true that social media has fallen out of fashion as a marketing strategy, it can still make a significant impact on your audience.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to gain exposure to your target audience. If you have no intention of doing that, you're wasting your time. And since the target market is usually located within your own country or in your own neighborhood, it will not be much of an issue for you to get started. You might also wonder how to start working from home as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Via Video Marketing 

One of the best places to get started with affiliate marketing at home is YouTube. YouTube boasts more than one billion views and is home to a wide array of videos, including those made by Influencers themselves. These Influencers usually make a video introducing something or promoting a product. The video will then contain tags pointing back to the source website, which is where you should want to check out. Click the tags, enter your URL, and you'll see a list of Influencers that are working from home. For more great tips and methods on affiliate marketing visit this great website.

Other Sources - Twitter and Facebook

Another great place to find new affiliates is Facebook and Twitter. These sites feature many users that are working from home and you can get an insider's view into their daily routines. Remember, the people on these sites may not necessarily be your target audience but if you can get in touch with them and create a friendly relationship, you can get them to give you some affiliate links. You can also ask them to recommend some products for you.

The final way to use social media to improve affiliate marketing at home is with email marketing. There are many tools available online for tracking social media engagement, such as and Buffer. Both of these tools will help you track the activity of your audience and recommend changes based on engagement and influence.

Affiliate marketing at home can be as passive as you choose, or it can be as active as you choose. What matters most is that you find the method that works best for you and that you stay connected with your audience. Always work on building relationships with those you connect with and make recommendations to them. In time, you can develop your own list of "affiliates," which is essentially people you have developed a personal relationship with who are willing to give you good referrals. With an ever-expanding audience and the internet, there is no looking back for affiliate marketing at home.