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How to Send a Press Release in Canada

Nov 12

A press release is a useful tool for letting the media know about your company or product. Press releases are written for an audience of journalists, editors, publishers and other members of the media. The goal of a press release is to get coverage in publications that matter to your target market. Press Release Outreach is a press release distribution service based in Canada & the USA. There are many reasons why sending out a press release could be beneficial to you. Here are some of the most important:

* Getting featured on a relevant website can lead to more traffic and customers

* A well-written and informative press release can raise awareness and increase visibility

* You may build relationships with industry influencers through published articles

Press releases should be short and concise – ideally between 300 and 500 words – they should also include all the relevant information the media needs to cover your story. Check out some of the posts here: View on Maps

Press Release Outreach - Press Release Distribution Service by Press Release Outreach

Narrowing Your Focus

Before you can write a successful press release, you need to know what your focus is and who your target market is. For example, if you are selling accounting software for small businesses, then your target market will be small business owners. Decide on which publication(s) these people read (for example "The Wall Street Journal") then narrow down your topic into something that matters to them (for example "How Small Business Owners Can Save Money This Year"). Only choose publications that matter in some way to what you are offering.

Once you understand how this process works, try out different angles until you find one that has legs. If it doesn't work after three or four tries then move on to something else. Once you have a topic that works, it's time to look at the facts.

The Press Release Format

There are three key sections of any press release:

* The opener * The body * The close

When writing your opener you need to grab the reader's attention but this must be done without overselling or exaggerating your story. You should also include, as early as possible, who the release is from and what they do (make sure to save these details until after the first paragraph). You should always mention why the media needs to cover your story and what benefits there might be for them in featuring it too (for example "Increased exposure and more customers").

Next, is the body. Here you need to provide a clear overview of your story in a way that demonstrates its significance and makes it stand out from any other similar stories. You should also include quotes from yourself, or members of your organisation who are related to the story, throughout the body which will help add personality and character to your article. Your goal with this section is to convince the reader that they should be interested in your company/product too.

Finally, with the close it's best not to leave anything open ended or unresolved. You can restate what has been promised throughout but you should also try to sum up with a strong statement which includes a call-to-action for example "Contact us today about how we can save money for your small business".

The Best Way to Deliver Your Press Release

There are many different ways to send out a press release, including via email, mail, fax and in some cases through an agency. But the best way is to get your press release onto a newswire that anyone can access. You will then be able to see if any publications pick up on your story & how many.

Here's our step-by-step guide:

1) Head over to - They offer distribution of press releases between 300 and 2000 words that are written according to their formatting guidelines

2) Fill out the online form with your contact details, headline, blurb about your company/product, link(s) to images/video/audio files and the body of your press release

3) Send to [email protected]

4) Once it's been published, you will receive an email with a link to your press release and a link to where it has been published.

If you need more info on understanding how to write a press release for SEO, head over to

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