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Shopify the global eCommerce platform is popular also in Finland

Nov 14

Shopify in Finland

Shopify the Saas eCommerce platform is popular around the world. It has also gained popularity in Europe and the Nordic countries, especially in Finland. At the moment Shopify in Finland is the 2nd most popular e-commerce platform, just after WooCommerce.

Finland the small country located in northern Europe has a population of approximately 5.5 million inhabitants. 

During the pandemic, all brick and mortar shops were closed and therefore eCommerce shops gained a lot of popularity. The eCommerce sales raised to new heights. Companies understood that they had to start an eCommerce business. Many of them signed in as Shopify users. Shopify is the Apple for eCommerce, it is super easy to use and to get started with. You don't need any previous experience in creating websites or eCommerce stores.

Digital marketing and eCommerce is the new way of doing business.