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What is Google Map Pack and Why Is It Important?

Nov 16

Do you want to improve your small business's ranking in search engines? Would you like to expand your customer base? Would you like to make your business more visible on local directories? Just go check they are the best at these things.

The United States has a high degree of small business competition.

Read on to learn more about the potential benefits for your company.

Google Search: Why It's Important to Maintain A 3 Pack Ranking

Let's start by understanding why we are joining Google Maps Pack. The local 3-Pack gets between 44 and 61% clicks.

Let's look at the top reasons why your company should use Google Map Pack as part of its digital marketing strategy.

1. Great positioning

Google 3-Pack is #1 for 93 percent of all Google queries. This 3-Pack can help make your company more relevant to customers.

The 3-Pack gives a quick overview of your company to internet users.

2. Influences on purchasing decisions

Third, the Google 3-Pack helps consumers to make better buying decisions. This is possible because transactions can be completed within 24 hours after completing an online search.

Customers will call you more often if they see your business in the Maps Pack.

Research shows that 70% of mobile users click this button to get in touch with businesses. Clients can view how close they are to you by clicking on the image of your business.

You can include links to your social media accounts. Customers can easily access your Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook button.

3. Spread

Google Maps Pack offers the option to show customer reviews. Google provides a summary of customer reviews for searchers who click on your 3-Pack entry.

You can view your company's overall rating. The rating of your company will determine whether it is included in the 3-Pack.

How do I get listed in Google Maps Pack?

Now let's look at where to put the 3-Pack. Here are some helpful hints:

1. Start by clicking "Google My Business"

Create a Google My Business page for your company. Type your company name into the "Business Name” field.

You can claim your company name if you see it in the listing. Register your company if there are no matches.

2. Double-check your address

To verify your company's address, you will need a GMB app. Copy this code into your GMB account.

You can use the same Gmail account you used to sign up for GMB again. After you do this, Google will link both your Gmail accounts with your business address. Your address will be verified.

3. Make your Listings more Effective

Next, optimize your listings. The information you provide will have an impact on your brand's search engine visibility.

4. Increase your website's effectiveness

Optimize your website. It is important to assess your website's SEO health and performance.

How crawlable is your website?