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Apr 28

Image SEO King, Craig Campbell SEO

The members of my SEO Mastermind group enjoy trying new things, and ranking well for a term like " Image SEO King " is something we do simply to see if individuals are just talking the talk or actually doing something. Therefore, the objective was to see if they could rank an image within 24 hours utilizing their own website or by harnessing the power of any other platform.

Everyone knows that image SEO is very simple, but how many individuals are simply too lazy to complete the necessary information?

Images are king in search engine optimization (SEO).

Who is the picture SEO King, and what is his position in the industry.

1 Who is the king of image search engine optimization (SEO)?
Rank an image on Google is a difficult task to master.
Do the dimensions of a picture matter when it comes to image search engine optimization?
(4) Is the quality of WebP superior to that of JPEG? (5)
Five (5) What websites can I utilize for image SEO?
We shall find out who is the true image SEO King when the results of the competition are announced tomorrow. I will provide a do follow link to their website in this paragraph and truthfully present the results on this website. At the end of the day, it's only fair to reveal who was the genuine winner of the contest.

How do you get a Google image to appear higher in the search engine results?
The first step would be to ensure that you fill out the title, alt text, alter the file name, and fill out any exif data if you were going after a phrase such as " Image SEO King " which has little to no search volume at all. However, you can perform a Google search and utilize a chrome plugin such as SEO meta to examine what the competition is doing with their photos in a single click to gain insight. A surprising number of individuals are not optimizing their photographs properly, as you will discover.

When it comes to Image SEO, does the image's size make a difference.
When optimizing photos, you want to make sure that you optimize them in every way possible; some people believe that larger images will be picked up by Google Discover, so it all depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Just to be clear, if your image is 3000kb and everyone else's is 70kb and has been compressed, I believe you will be well behind the competition. See if you can find the image sizes of what's currently ranking, rather than claims and figures that have been placed at random.

Which format is superior, WebP or JPEG?
WebP file sizes are 24-34 percent less than Jpeg file sizes, according to a number of case studies conducted by industry professionals, and WebP files are being utilized more frequently. This was demonstrated in a WebP comparison study, which you may view here.

For Image SEO, what websites should I look at?

If you want to exploit the strength of the platform, you could post your image on Twitter, but there are many more options available. You want one that allows you to alter the title and alt text of the image and optimize what you can while on the site.

Other websites that you might want to consider utilizing because of the sheer magnitude of their platforms are as follows:

There are many more, but these are some of the most powerful platforms other than your typical social media platforms that I would recommend you use first if you want to establish yourself as the Image SEO King.


Pinterest, I believe, is one of the most often utilized platforms for picture SEO, and it is certainly the one I have used for the sake of this image ranking competition. However, does it get indexed as quickly as other platforms such as Google+? The fact that you only have 24 hours to complete this game can deter you from starting.