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Using TikTok to for NFP Marketing

May 24

TikTok has changed the face of social media since it launched 6 years ago. Going by the stats alone, the level of growth TikTok has achieved within a short period is incredible.

With over 2 billion downloads and more than 800 million active daily users, TikTok has maintained its position as the most download social media app.

This amazing video-sharing app allows people to show their creative side without the usual headache that comes with content creation. It’s wildly popular with Gen-Z users, but businesses have started incorporating TikTok into their social media strategies too.

Does TikTok Work for B2B and NFP Too?


With TikTok, B2B brands and Not-for-Profit organisations can reach new audiences (especially a young audience) and build stronger brands.

Not only that, it also allows them to find their place within global communities so they can promote the causes they’re passionate about.

If you’ve spent some time on the app, you’d have seen TikTok communities such as Alt TikTok, Art TikTok, Plant Tok, Holiday TikTok, and Anime TikTok, among others.

Like all platforms where subcultures exist, these communities aren’t on the platform just for fun (although that too). Some of them use their platforms as rallying points for people passionate about social justice and creating positive change in society.

What Kind of Content Works on TikTok?

TikTok has a range of creative tools and assets that allows you to create a variety of refreshing content. These tools allow you to test different content until you’re able to find your sweet spot.

If you’re a B2B or NFP wondering where to start out, content that educates and entertains is the place to start. Entertaining content will grab and hold users’ attention while you educate them about what you do and why it’s important.

Let’s take a brief look at each of these types of content.

  1. Educative Content

This type of content imparts knowledge and creates the most value for your customers. Think about creating evergreen content that people can refer to whenever they need that information. Think how-to videos, explainer videos, comparisons, and FAQ videos.

  1. Entertainment

As much as you want to educate your audience, remember that most people are on TikTok to have fun. So, you want to get across your message in an appealing way. One way to do that is through storytelling. Lip-sync videos, dance routines, and hashtag challenges are some other exciting ways to entertain your audience.

How to Cross-Promote a TikTok

If you’re looking for more creative ways to grow your TikTok following, then you should make cross-promotion one of your top strategies. Cross-promotion has to do with sharing your videos on other social platforms such as Instagram (on stories and reels) and Twitter.

This is a great marketing strategy because it gives you more impact with less stress and less time and energy. As you’ll see shortly, cross-promoting a TikTok video is a piece of cake. It all starts with publishing a short 15-sec video.

Once you’ve published your video, open it from your app and tap the share button. Then, click save to album.

There you are!

Your video will appear in your camera roll, showing that you’re ready to share it. Simply find the video in your device and upload it to wherever you want.

An Overview of TikTok Pro Analytics

If you’re using TikTok for business, you really should switch to TikTok Pro because that’s where all the magic is happening.

You’ll get access to the analytics section where you’ll find a detailed overview of your general performance. This information provides everything you need to make informed decisions about your business.

The best part? It’s free. It costs absolutely nothing to switch to a TikTok Pro Account.

All you have to do is navigate to “Manage my account” and then click on “Switch to Pro account”. Choose a category and hit the “done” button.

Once the page reloads, you’ll start seeing useful data like video views, follower count, profile views, video posts, trending videos, followers (including gender distribution), and top territories.

Just like the analytics on your other social platforms, TikTok Pro Analytics gives you insight into who your audience is and what they like so you can adjust accordingly.


There’s no doubt that TikTok is the best platform to use if you’re targeting a young audience. Achieving success on TikTok isn’t about creating dozens of videos a day. How you deliver your message matters.

As you know, the TikTok audience has a short attention span so you don’t waste any time making a good opening impression. Make sure you understand what your audience wants and deliver your message in a way that keeps them engaged.

Whether you want to invest in TikTok or another social media platform, we can help! Contact the team at Make It Happen to discuss how we can help your NFP Marketing.