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Web Development: What Is It?

Jun 30

The process of creating a website is referred to as web development. It often refers to the coding and programming aspect of building a web site, as opposed to web design. It might be anything from a basic HTML text page to a sizable, feature-rich program that can be used on a number of devices that are linked to the Internet.

Examples of feature-rich web development include social networking sites, e-commerce websites, and content management systems (CMS). Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, PHP, Drupal, and MySQL are some of the computer languages and technologies most often used in web development.



Online Web Design Courses

It seems sense that learning to create websites might be done entirely online. HTML tutorials and in-depth responsive web design classes that include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are two places where people may acquire the most recent client and server-side coding techniques. Learn about the most recent web design tools and online courses, such as the self-paced web programming courses provided by Intel and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the organization that establishes and upholds web norms and standards. Start your career in this exciting and lucrative industry by taking advantage of free online HTML courses or by enrolling in a multi-course advanced professional certificate program in web development.

Front-end web development is only the beginning of your online programming journey. If you want to create robust websites, you should consider database programming and well-known programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, and SQL. Enrolling in one of these introductory courses will allow you to start creating websites in just a few short weeks.


Jobs As Web Developers

With over 5,000 current job listings for web developers on, the average annual salary in the US is over $91,000. Front end web developers make much more money, with an average salary of $102K per year. Since almost every business utilizes the internet to find and interact with clients, web developers are in great demand.

From building mobile interfaces to pushing the boundaries of existing web applications, businesses are growing and investing in their online presence. There are excellent entry-level job prospects for junior web developers, web analysts, JavaScript programmers, HTML5 programmers, and others in almost every part of the globe.


Web Development Company

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