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Artificial Grass Installation Costs in Leicestershire UK

Nov 16

Cost of artificial grass

The cost of an artificial turf depends on several factors. First, it requires the preparation of the surface. For example, it requires a subfloor of gravel or sharp sand that allows drainage. It also requires the removal of existing sod or weeds. It also requires labour costs that range from £4.50 per square foot to £14.50 per square foot. The next step involves trimming and securing the material to the area. The final step requires a weed barrier fabric to prevent the growth of natural weeds. In addition to the cost of the base, the cost of labour for installing an artificial lawn will range between £4.50 and £6.00 per square foot.

The installation of artificial grass usually takes a day, although larger areas may require two or three days. It is important to note that entry-level artificial grass may not offer the same aesthetics as more expensive materials. It is therefore important to consider your requirements before deciding on the cost.

Types of artificial grass

If you have a garden in Leicester and want to make it look beautiful and healthy, you should think about installing artificial grass. You can choose from different types, depending on whether you're looking for a natural-looking lawn, or a stylish, active-family-friendly one. Artificial grass is a convenient, hassle-free solution. At Elite Artificial Grass, we can help you transform your tired lawn into a stunning, healthy-looking one.

The process of installing an artificial grass lawn involves a few steps. First, a sub-base is laid to provide a firm foundation for laying the artificial grass. Next, a weed membrane is laid over the sand to prevent the grass from growing in hot weather. Once this is done, the artificial turf is laid over the sand and fixed down using jointing strips. Depending on the type of artificial grass you choose, you may need an additional fine layer of sand to cover the artificial grass edges.

Suitable for pets

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